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Articles by Geoff Maynard

Geoff Maynard

Geoff Maynard

Born in East London 1950, raised in Essex, now living in front of a screen in Surrey with his wonderful posh wife, his punk daughter, his three boys who are too big to insult, and a doggie called Macs.

As a small child, Geoff caught his first fish on items of tackle 'borrowed' from his cousins and friends. This fired his imagination and set the mould. The passion took a hold and he has continued in the same vein ever since. They are getting seriously cheesed off with him now.

Generally he enjoys any type of angling. Whether it be in freshwater, fly-fishing or sea fishing, he is consistently and equally both inept and lucky, managing to catch several world records over the years - yet always when he was fishing alone and had forgotten his camera.

He spent (or 'wasted' as his mother calls it) the best part of a decade as an itinerant angling hippy; travelling the globe with a guitar and a fishing rod, catching everything from sticklebacks to sailfish and being ejected from musically aware third-world chai-shops. These days, as the bone-fide owner of a swivel, he is often classed as a 'specimen hunter', though this may change if he has to give it back. People still pay him to stop playing guitar.

Wrote his first fishing articles in the 1960s and by the '80s he was actually getting some of them published in various national angling magazines, which just goes to show how much editorial standards have declined over the years. In the mid-'90s he started the first European angling magazine web-site, this has evolved over the years into the existing So blame him. Everybody else does!

The Trout Fishers Handbook - A book review

The Trout Fishers Handbook published by Swan Hill Press is a perfect Christmas gift

Seasons Change

I must get out more!

Listen to 'At the waters edge' - Now! (Realplayer needed)

Martin James has at last got his show on the internet. Just paste this link into the address line of your browser, hit return, and listen in!

Florida Fishing Adventures - Holiday review

A different kind of fishing lodge..

Fancy a Mexican marlin trip?

Limited places available - hurry hurry hurry

Cormorants; The Other Facts

Rant time!

The Grayling Club

Grayling and angling clubs - then and now

NEWS ITEM: Anglian Waters - trout opening dates

One for the trout fishers diary

NEWS ITEM: EA confirms rod licence prices to rise

The cost of your fishing goes up

To catch a Sturgeon pt3 - and the occasional salmon

The final chapter of the 2001 sturgeon trip.

To catch a Sturgeon Pt 2 - Hunting dinosaurs

The second part of the trilogy

To catch a sturgeon

The ultimate freshwater angling experience...

Peacocks, perch and therapy

Old methods still work

PETA: The New Nazis?

Get heavy.

Maynard Barbels on

First barbel session of the season

Red herrings and Dead herrings.

Democracy? Huh. Don't make me laugh.

New custodian for Britain's fisheries? - MATT THOMPSON

Is BW going to be the new boss?

Top Dogs and Other Hounds

The Top Cat is more than just a catamaran

Continental River Catfish Rigs.

It's hard work and long hours, but the payoff is fantastic

Me and my Big-mouth.

Bass- the US target fish



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