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Articles by Rod Henton

Rod Henton

Born somewhere below the North pole during the love & peace era of the mid-sixties. Originally brought up by pack wolves before being released back into the wild at the age of seven to bring sanity back into a mad world; unfortunately he failed.

An over indulgent personality with weaknesses for wine, women and song - despite a complete inability to master any of them - he took solace in fishing. His first love though is music, blessed with the voice of an angel and a guitar playing style to make Eric Clapton's 'axe' gently weep; according to his delusional psychotherapists report anyway.

He fishes to escape reality, but only when he can't afford the alcohol or is trying to escape a jealous husband or dysfunctional girlfriend. He loves all things predatory, probably due to the canine upbringing; catfish, pike, zander and perch are his main foe but he gets outsmarted at each and every opportunity. Fortunately, 'stupid' carp seem to throw themselves at his feet, he doesn't know why but has embarked on a mission to explain all.

His greatest achievement was to attain a blue at Oxford. Despite missing the pink he went on to win the frame. A bounder and a cad of the most despicable kind. I urge you to disregard any pearls of wisdom he may throw your way, it's not worth the risk! If this man were an Arab he would be called "No hands"

Read on at your own risk!!!

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best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Piking progress.

Something seasonal are our fish; April trout, June tench, September carp and now as winter drawers are on, the pike.

The Christmas ghost(carp) story

I read recently that nature is cruel and unjust; I thought I’d put the record straight, nature just exists.

New venue, new opportunities…

Rod hits Mid-Kent fisheries new venue

Back from my hols…

Trying old baits

Lies, Damn lies and statistics

Stuff and statistics

Back to basics…

The Champ at Champs Farm

Reed the right line.

Trouble with reeds.

Mucho mokita.

Mucho what?.

The Christmas Ghost story..

Keeping the tradition alive..

Size matters…

How big?

Let’s ban fishing!

Rods gets religion.

Problem solved....

If it ain't broke..

Fishing? Oh, I remember now...

The editor ‘phoned me last night to give his appraisal of my latest literary offerings; that’s the editor. "You remember fishing?" He enquired, his sarcasm barely detectable to the naked ear. His point being that although my recent ramblings were quite entertaining they had very little to do with angling, a small but valid point.

Back on the soapbox!

Foxes and Fun

A Totally Mental Approach

Rod gets reality!

Talking about my tackle

Disgruntled with the stories the magazines are pumping out, Rod tells how he sees things.

Location explored….

Rod gets serious about feeding and divulges info to help nick the odd fish. And other swag.

Somewhere averting the rainbow…

Rod considers angling targets. Size, species - it's all relative.

Everybody's Stalkin'

Rod tells how to get stalking



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