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Articles by Ken Townley

Ken Townley

Ken Townley is a carp fishing fanatic. He has fished for the species exclusively since 1965 and in over thirty years has amassed a considerable knowledge of the carp fishing game.

He is a full time professional angling journalist and is probably the most widely published carp fishing writer on the scene at present, writing as many as ten articles a month for European carp fishing magazines. He is also involved with the PR aspect of carp fishing being a consultant for five French and four UK leisure companies and venues. He is also a freelance contributor to a photo-library where his work is in great demand. He has published two books about carp fishing and contributed to various compilations and part-work magazines. He specialises in bait, rigs and foreign fishing, particularly carp fishing in France.

Currently his personal best carp are a 43lb 12oz mirror, a 41lb 12oz common and a 21lb 12oz ghost carp. He fishes an average of three days a week, week in, week out and when he is not fishing he is busy in front of a PC, pounding out the articles. He is 54 years old, married and lives with his carp fishing wife, Carole, in Fowey on the south coast of Cornwall.

Fishing French Lakes Pt3

Ken's French carp water series continues with sounders, watercraft, baiting and weather advice

Fishing French Lakes Pt2

How to find a good lake in France.

Fishing French Lakes

French carp lakes come in various guises..

Carp fishing in the River Charente

River carp grow big in France; Ken tells all about running water fish

Carp Fishing in France Pt4

Continuing Ken's fascinating series detailing the often overlooked but essential things. Have you got breakdown cover?

Carp fishing in France: Part 3

How to get there

Carp fishing in France Part 2

How much bait to take? And what about particles?? And...???

Carp Fishing in France

Ken Townley probably knows more about carp fishing in France than anyone else I know. This is the first in a series of articles designed with the travelling carp angler in mind.



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