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Articles by Jason Inskip

Jason Inskip

Jason Inskip has a notably pathetic record in the capture of large specimens, although he has been a keen angler for over 30 years. This inept performance covers most branches of the sport, including coarse angling and saltwater flyfishing both in the UK and elsewhere. He prefers to use cane rods and centre pin reels whenever possible on the grounds that this minor eccentricity might mask his failings.

He can frequently be found surrounded by empty beer bottles and fag packets on the banks of Frensham Great Pond, as well as the Rivers Kennet, Test and Avon, where he has spent literally thousands of hours staring at motionless floats and rod tips. He was invited to join the august body of writers for more out of sympathy than anything else.

Jason is a professional copywriter and lives in Hampshire with a wife and two daughters, who he adores.

Blind as a bat in Green Turtle Cay

See you Jimmy..



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