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Articles by Nick Hart

Nick Hart

The gift of a " Woolies Starter Fishing Kit " exploded 4 year old Nick Hart on to the piscatorial scene 20 plus years ago. By age 9 there was much swishing to be heard coming from the banks of the River Exe in Exmoor as he began daily sorties in search of Wild Brown Trout, while he could often be found practising his casting on the local playing field (while being subjected to remarks such as "trying for a Grass Carp are we?"!). A confirmed fishaholic with no hope of cure, the teenage Nick became restless at the thought of life in a "real" job - no, he wanted a "reel job"!

And so it was to be that he began the uphill struggle on the road to becoming a full time fishing guide and instructor. Through huge chunks of luck and a little determination, this ambition was realised when Simon Gawesworth offered him a job with his well known fishing school. Nick now runs his own fishing business while in his spare time updating his large web site and writing various pieces for magazines such as Trout & Salmon. A travelled angler, he has fished and guided in Florida, Argentina and Spain.

Surreal Sea Trout.

Patagonia is sea-trout heaven. Nick Hart fills in the blanks



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