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Articles by Paul Garner

Global warming and pike safety

What it says on the tin!

Targeting stillwater chub

They're not common but they do grow very big. The Doc tells how to catch them...

Unravelling the mysteries of carp deaths

The Doc gets out the Gladstone bag

Fun in the sun! Canary Carping.

The carp of the Canary Islands

V for victory

Finding gravel pit features

When to give up

Like a lot of anglers I try to divide my year up by the fish that I will be chasing.

Needle in a haystack

Watercraft is vital - Dr Paul shows us the ropes

Spring Pike Location

How to find pike in the early months of the year

Do flavoured baits work for pike?

Begging the question on what works for the snappers

FACTFILE: Braid, Pro's and cons

One of the biggest developments over the last couple of seasons has been the introduction of low diameter braided lines. Although braided lines have been around for many years, and had until recently, lost favour with most anglers, the new generation of braided lines have many advantages which anglers are only just coming to grips with. Braids aren't ideal in all situations though, so this week we'll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.

FACT FILE: Baits for winter barbel

In the winter, special baits really come into their own. After a summer of pursuit, winter barbel can be quite cagey, and when conditions are not perfect they can be difficult to tempt with conventional baits.

FACT FILE: The Cucumber Fish

Popularised as a killing bait for winter piking, the smelt is also one of our most enigmatic fishes.

Piking Basics - Caring for your Fish

Doctor Paul stresses the importance

Stacked Deck

How it all works - the Doc explains

Millennium specimen hunting - part 2

Facinating angling result tables from Dr Paul. Don't miss this one.

Specimen Hunting Beyond the Next Millennium - Part 1

Dr Paul looks into his crystal ball to see a bright future

Summer Fun

There is a difference between hunting and trapping - and the same difference applies within fishing. Hunting summer chub.

A New 'Method' for Specimen Bream

Fishing the method feeder for big slabs - how to do it and where to do it

Carp Anglers & Special Bait

Special baits for barbel anglers. Take a leaf out of the carp anglers book...



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