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You never stop learning about angling. In these articles our experts impart gems of experience and know-how. Whether you are a beginner in need of help with techniques and advice to get you started or an experienced fisherman looking for new tips - you'll find what you need here.

SEAWEEK: Bait Bondage ! - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Travelling broadens the mind! Never a truer word has been said.

The sight-tipped reversed balsa waggler Bill Rushmer

This is another very effective specialist float, designed by float maker Pat Tarrant, that has accounted for some exceptional catches from larger stillwaters such as gravel pits. It is in my opinion the answer to fishing for large tench and bream on those rough windy days when the fish are stirred into action.

Brown and Green Nymph Bill Rushmer

This is a very versatile pattern that was invented by Tom Ivens. It works well fished as a traditional nymph with a slow retrieve and, because of its very fish-like silhouette, can be fished like a lure with a fast retrieve. In both roles it has accounted for some very good rainbow and brown trout but tends to work better for the more discerning brown trout in its nymphing role.

D.I.Y. Pop-up or floating boilies Bill Rushmer

Now that Summer should have finally arrived, many of us will be looking to take carp off of the surface. One very successful floating bait that I regularly use, particularly when fishing at long range, is the floating boilie.

The Kiss(or Keep-it-simple, stupid) principle. Russ Symons

It is a fact that in my fishing I believe in innovation and invention, trying different methods that I read about in foreign magazines or am told about whilst fishing or talking to people whilst attending shows and exhibitions.

Wallis Casting: In the Steps of FWK (part 2) John Olliff-Cooper

The Art of Wallis Grand Master - It’s not length that matters.Last month I talked about the basic Wallis cast, and how that skill can be successfully learned by anyone prepared to hone their ability in short but sure steps: remembering always, that it is essential to understand that the gradually extending target practice system is extremely important.

Mexico's Surf Sensation Mike Thrussel

 R?¼information on the boat fishing potential along the East Cape of Baja in Mexico was easy. A few surfs on the Internet, checking through a few books and all became clear. It wasn't so easy finding out what to expect when shore fishing. Zilch info!

Walking on Water Matthew Spence

Two anglers marched purposefully down the beach towards the water. Arriving at the foamy boundary dividing land from the ocean they did not break stride as they waded out towards a destination seemingly beyond the horizon. Floundering in their wake I struggled to keep pace, fighting waves, chest waders tailored to fit the Michelin Man, and increasing doubts as to the wisdom of our actions.

Top trout flies for wild trout Lesley Crawford

'And what flies will I bring with me?' enquired my anxious guest, 'Just give me a selection of about eight which will work for most occasions'.

The explosive steelhead John Bailey

Perhaps the most beautiful of all the trout species…perhaps the most beautiful of all settings…probably the wildest fighter of them all…I’m talking about the steelhead trout of British Columbia, one of the icon game fish of the world.

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