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You never stop learning about angling. In these articles our experts impart gems of experience and know-how. Whether you are a beginner in need of help with techniques and advice to get you started or an experienced fisherman looking for new tips - you'll find what you need here.

SEAWEEK Float Lights Russ Symons

Most anglers fish by day… but if the truth be known, most fish are caught after dark, or at least in the hour approaching dusk and the couple of hours after darkness spreads its cloak of quiet.

Zander fishing in floods Dr Paul Garner

In most peoples eyes, fishing for zander means visiting the fens. Although this is not strictly true, as zander can be found in a whole host of waters now up and down the country, it is true that the Fenland rivers and drains will remain the home of the zander.

FEATURE Learning to fish with a qualified coach Bill Rushmer

At long last, the angling world has woken up to the fact that there are thousands of people wanting to learn how to fish but there is nobody trained to teach them.

TACKLE TIP Labelling spare spools Geoff Maynard

Look through my reel collection and you'll see straight away that I'm a busy bloke.

SEAWEEK Level wind line stop Russell Symons

A small, seemingly insignificant thing which will reap rewards.

TACKLE TIP Rod rests for high wind conditions Geoff Maynard

A couple of weeks ago I was telling you about the glow-in-the-dark butt grips made by John Roberts.

The Tungsten Marabou Tailed Damsel Nymph Lee Kitchen & Bill Rushmer

Despite a friendship that has lasted over 30 years, Lee Kitchen's fly tying innovations still amaze me.

SEAWEEK Hang your Heavy Monofilament Traces Russell Symons

Heavy monofilament traces for Conger, Ling and big Ray’s are often made from crimped monofilament between 200 and 400 pounds breaking strain.

A Year In The Fly Fishers Calendar Martin James

At the start of a new year my thoughts look ahead to the coming months, I wander what they will offer me as a fly fisher. As I sit writing, my garden is all shades of browns and greens and looking quite lifeless. Hedgehogs are fast asleep in their winter boxes which were carefully placed around the garden in September. The pond is clear and lifeless until next month when the frogs and toads will be showing up which is always nice, as I know Spring is coming.

FLY TYING: Tungsten nymphs for grayling Bill Rushmer

At this time of the year, many fly fishermen turn their attention to grayling. Although technically a coarse fish, they feed in the coldest weather and will even take a well presented nymph when there is snow on the ground. Naturally this gives fly anglers a great opportunity to extend their season whilst enjoying the excitement of catching grayling.

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