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You never stop learning about angling. In these articles our experts impart gems of experience and know-how. Whether you are a beginner in need of help with techniques and advice to get you started or an experienced fisherman looking for new tips - you'll find what you need here.

Drowning Dries on the Dee Chris Goldsmith

Seven years have passed since my family and I moved out of suburban Manchester into the wilds of rural Cheshire. At the time it seemed like a good idea - but I hadn't bargained on the cost, and we are still recovering. However, it was a good move fishing wise; only ten miles from the River Dane, thirty miles from the River Severn and the upper River Weaver a mere five minute walk from the house - compensation enough for any man. Better still though, I am now only one hours easy drive from the Upper Welsh Dee, which has just paid me back with a real bonus.

Location explored…. Rod Henton

I was once asked at a fishing meeting if I was a ‘specimen hunter’ or a ‘pleasure angler’. I replied that I do fish for pleasure but I did enjoy catching the big ’uns. Obviously confused the chap went on, "Ever caught a thirty-pound carp then?" "Yes," I replied, "have you ever caught a three-pound perch?" "Like I’d want to!" he laughed.

Spod u like? Dr Paul Garner

Why and how to use a spod

Action stations! Dr Paul Garner

A few weeks ago I was asked by Angling Times to go forth and put together a decent net of carp from one of the new breed of commercial fisheries.

Choosing a Split-Cane Barbel Rod John Olliff-Cooper

I have been accused of being too deeply involved and emotional when it comes to choosing rods. I’m sure that there’s a certain truth in this, but I prefer to remove the word 'too', which takes out the pejorative element in the sentence.

Patrol routes II Dr Paul Garner

Most people have a pair of eyes in their head, but how many really use them? Would you be prepared to get out of bed an hour before dawn to look for signs of fish patrolling?

How to catch your first catfish Bill Rushmer

Every year more and more waters are being stocked with catfish as anglers appear to be going crazy for moggies. Many predict that they will eventually take over from carp as the anglers' most popular quarry. I doubt this but only time will tell.

TROUTWEEK: The Basic Dry Martin Cottis

Although it is unlikely that the dry fly will be prominent until later in the season, it can do no harm to get into the habit of tying a few early so that your fly box is ready when the trout start moving on the surface.

TROUTWEEK: Lee’s Palmer - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

Lee’s Palmer

TROUTWEEK: The Cove’s Pheasant Tail. - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

The great Arthur Cove invented this fly way back, yet like any true great, it has really stood the test of time.

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