Rutland Water is fishing exceptionally well with several limits recorded by both bank and boat anglers. Dave Porter, of Edith Weston, made good use of his Gold ticket by taking 6 fish from East Creek on Sunday by lunch time. Jamie Weston from Empingham took 7 fish over the weekend up to 3*lb. Brothers Matt and Steve Bennett from Kempston, Bedford, had nine fish between them from East Creek with fish up to 2*lb. Young Stewart Moore, from Oundle, landed his first ever Rutland trout, fishing from the bank near Normanton Church. Barnhill Creek was the hotspot for Trevor Ashby. Fly tying expert Trevor took 5 fish weighing up to 4*lb.The best bank areas are East Creek, Whitwell Creek, Normanton Bank and Yellowstone. Bank anglers are taking most fish on floating lines and minkies or black or green buzzers.Best boat angling is anywhere between the sailing club to the dam. Best methods for boat anglers are slow sinking lines, tubes or minkies.competition news: The Winter Bank league ends on 23 November Fishing is from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm – register at the lodge from 8.30 am.forthcoming events: Fur & Feather – Sunday 1 December Ticket only – available from the fishing lodge until 24 November. Don’t miss this event. Christmas hampers to be won, plus prize for all from the ‘table’. Christmas meal follows match. Telephone 01780 686441 now to get your ticket

Ravensthorpe Reservoir Top spot this week went to Daniel Czacek , on holiday from the Republic of Czechoslovakia, who took a superb 12lb 3oz Rainbow from the Coton End shallows. Daniel fished an olive stonefly to take this and four other rainbows up to 5lb.Heavy rains during the week have rapidly filled the reservoir to normal winter level with boat fishing now concluded for the season all areas of the natural bank and the dam are easily accessible and should provide excellent sport through November and December. Nymphs on floating lines are likely to produce the best results.Pike anglers have enjoyed a successful week recording 18 fish over 15lb, 10 of which topped the 20lb mark. The best method has been dead sea baits under drifter floats.Ravensthorpe is open to bank anglers until 31 December. Bank permits for trout only are available on site at £11 for a one fish ticket (plus catch and release).

Grafham Water Both boat and bank anglers are recording some excellent returns and a rod average of 3.41. Of the 78 returns last week 22 anglers caught their limits. John Sears of Great Gransden took a superb conditioned rainbow weighing 4lb 12oz. This week’s bank league was won by season ticket holder John McCallum of Perry with 2 fish weighing 8lb 5*oz. The most successful methods are minkies and fly patterns.Boats are still available for pike and trout fishing until 1 December.forthcoming events Fur & Feather – Sunday 8 December Ticket only – available from the fishing lodge until 1 December. Don’t miss this event. Christmas hampers to be won, plus prize for all from the ‘table’. Christmas meal follows match. Telephone 01480 810531 now to get your ticket

Pitsford Water With a rod average of 2.8 and lots of fish being taken in the 2-3lb range, both bank and boat angling at Pitsford

water is excellent. Dan Perks of Langham, Rutland, took a superb rainbow weighing between 10lb and 11lb off Duffers Reach on an

olive booby on an intermediate line. The winner of this week’s bank league was Mark Haycock of Northampton. Mark, who is also a

member of the Kingfisher team, took 4 fish for 9lb in quick succession from the Cliffs on sinking lines with small booby lures. In

second place was season ticket holder Colin Faulkner, of Moulton, Northampton, with four fish for 7lb 4oz, taken on hare’s ear and

Diawl Bach. With the Fur and Feather this Sunday 24th November, there is no bank league on Saturday 23rd. Sunday 1 December

is the date of the last bank league match.The top spot for bank anglers is the Cliffs along with Sermans and the Gravels. Best

methods are floating or intermediate lines with small lures and nymphs retrieved slowly.Boats are available until 1 December. Boat

fishing will continue 7 days a week until the end of November 9am – 4pm. This includes both trout and pike fishing. forthcoming

events: Winter bank League – final match 1 December.Fishing 9am to 1pm (register at the lodge from 8.30am). Top overall

weight and best fish over the 4 weeks win Christmas hampers.

Pendle view trout fishery Returns from the trout lake are still excellent. The latest stocking

include 50 blue trout and it will be interesting to see whether they do offer better sport. Fritz, Montanna

and buzzer still continue to produce results. It is intended to keep the fly lake open throughout the winter

for this year.

More Good News From The EA

An Environment Agency survey into salmon in the River Mersey has revealed the species is now thriving in what was once one of the UK’s most polluted rivers. Salmon have been seen leaping the weir on the river at Woolston, near Warrington, and the Agency often receives calls from members of the public who have spotted the fish, which need good quality water to thrive. Since October the Agency has used a humane fish trap at Woolston Weir, near Warrington, to trap salmon and examine their condition. So far 25 salmon, as well as two brown trout, one sea trout, three lamprey and two dace, have been trapped. The fish have been between 60 and 80cms long and weigh between 2.2 and 4.8 kg. Roger Lamming, the Environment Agency’s Environment Manager, said: “The results so far suggest we have a substantial run of fish, especially in the river’s high flows following recent rain. Salmon have been pushing into our rivers for some time, with regular sightings. “It is very exciting news, and is just rewards for the efforts of so many Environment Agency staff to secure improvements in the quality of rivers in the Mersey catchment. Now we must all build on this and ensure the Mersey continues to improve, and that it can once again be known for its salmon rather than its pollution.” The trap is part of a fish pass included when the weir was built by the Manchester Ship Canal Company, and allows fish to be examined before being released, unharmed, upstream so they can move on to find suitable spawning grounds.

The Environment Agency aims to prevent and control pollution. It monitors the quality of rivers, and manages ‘discharge consents’ that allow people to release used water into a river. It also monitors waste water from sewage treatment works and from industry to ensure they act in line with their ‘discharge consents’. The Environment Agency is responsible for maintaining, improving and developing salmon, sea trout, non-migratory trout, coarse and eel fisheries. It carries out improvements to fisheries by improving habitats and fish stocks, and by providing advice the fishery owners.

Barnsfold Water Near Chipping Lancashire

This two lakes fishery of about 22 acres in the shadow of Beacon Fell is still fishing well on buzzers, J Harrison returned 14 fish to 5lb all on black buzzer. several good tiger trout up to 6lb 8oz have been caught, on small lures, Cats Whisker, Black and Green Tadpole and Orange Fritz. Day tickets available Telephone 01995-61583

coarse fishing

Ardleigh The special mid-week offer of a boat and permit for just £15 for an individual or £20 for two anglers will continue until Christmas. Boats should be booked on 01206 230642

Pendle View Fishery A59 Clitheroe Lancashire Club matches The last coarse match was fished by East Lancs and was won with 6lbs from Peg 10. Pegs 17 and 21 were 2nd and 3rd with 5lbs. The next coarse match is scheduled for 24th November 2002. Open carp matches The next carp match is scheduled for Friday/Saturday 29th/30th November. This is half booked at present but places are still available. Please speak to Tracey for further details. The best carp in the last two weeks was a 27lbs common caught by Tony Ashworth fishing trigga boilies over trout pellets. The Nash leader board is still headed by Carl Gore with a 32lbs common. Silver fish are now being caught in the main bay area, which indicates that they are moving back towards deeper water, however several larger fish are still being caught between Pegs 72 and 85. ONGOING PROJECT A programme to reduce the silt level and improve water quality took place on the 5th November. This involved adding ten tons of a chalk like compound. Final treatment is due in the Spring. It is now expected that work will commence in December to build a house, office, amenity block and chalets. PARKING Whilst every effort is being made to provide more safe parking around the main lake we do insist that anglers park their cars off the road to ensure others can safely pass. Cars must not be parked on the perimeter of the trout lake, or on the grass. WINTER HOURS The fishery has now reverted to winter opening hours. This will mean the gates are open at 7am and locked at These opening hours will remain until Spring 2003. Catering times will remain unchanged

River Aire With all the rain over the past week the river has been bank high at times and virtually unfishable, No grayling fishing possible in the past ten days. I caught a big out of season brown trout probably weighing around 2-8-0 on legered crust in the fast water near Keighley golf course and unhooked in the water. Only the odd chub and small pike being caught. Cormorants causing problems Stephen Ainscow had a cormorant surface under his rod tip. Prospects not good for this weekend. River Ribble Several cormorants are back and feeding on the river. Fishing in the area where these fish eating birds is a bit of a hit and miss affair. If you have cormorants in your area, I would suggest a move further up or down stream. Good chub fishing. Trout.halibut pellets, boilies and gentles are the top baits.I fished a short afternoon session taking 11 nice chub to 5-5-0 all on bread. I also tried catching fish on some imitation bread flake without success, Though when I did put real bread on the hook I immediately caught a fish. I will continue to experiment with the imitation stuff. Should you hook a salmon please break off. Don't play the fish to the net, causing the fish a lot of distress. Its also an offence to retain a salmon. River Teme Last weekend the river had six foot of coloured water with a temperature of 48 degrees F Provided you were prepared to walk looking for swims, then I reckon you would have caught chub and barbel. Prospects look good for this weekend. River Kennet This river is probably at its best for water level and colour, its the best I have seen in the past twenty or thirty years. Good chub and barbel being caught from various stretches of the river. Reading and District water on the river are now available on a day permit. Sadly they have a litter problem. Some places I have visited looked like a rubbish tip. Its anglers rubbish. Mike Osborne travelled down from Cumbria to fish the river, baiting with a meatball and fishing it towards the centre of the river in the fast flow, he hooked and landed had a super chub of 5-10-0. A personal best fish for this likable angler.

Anglers Mail November 23rd

Its packed with news pictures and information on new tackle, river and coastal reports, instructions, match results and reports and of course seveal pages of carp fishing including many pictures of big fish. On page 4 Schoolboy Grant Nuttal is pictured with a very big eel Nigel Williams is on page 5 with a big pike. There are now two new features in this weekly magazine This week its the Pike Scene on pages 10 and 11. Next week its the Barbel Scene. Under tackle on test this week its all about river leads.