It wouldnít harm anyone would it? Let's face it, our 17,000 commercial fishermen are virtually redundant anyway and as for pleasure anglers, they could take up golf or tiddlywinks or anything else that would be more environmentally friendly. Our lakes and river systems would flourish, especially if all petrol/diesel boats were also outlawed.

The north sea would take a little longer to recover its raping by mankind but slowly but surely nature would re-establish herself and would thrive again. With the sea brimming again all those lovely cormorants would return to their favoured briny haunts and leave enough freshwater fish to encourage the otters back.
All this will take time though so we must stop the destruction of the atmosphere immediately so as when the sturgeon re-group off of the North Shields coast the earth wouldnít have warmed up to the point that they would be rubbing shoulders with blue marlin and clown fish.

Obviously this would mean the closure of all power stations and oil refineries forthwith but hey-ho cars would be illegal anyway. We could go back to a horse and cart - but as this is blatantly infringing a horses rights walking would be the only answer. This is good news though because if everyone had to walk no one would leave their hometown and apart from the fact David Beckham would still be playing in London, it would inevitably lead to a sense of community again. One downside being, with everyone staying put it may lead, in a few generations to the risk of interbreeding but that hasnít done much harm to the people on the Isle of S****** has it?

With all the power stations gone, the threat of nuclear war vanishes overnight leaving us all to grow our beans and pulses in peace. Now growing your own food can be time consuming but with the media gone (no electric, no televisions remember) time would not be a problem.

Sanitation might be a different matter, no hot or clean water means the rats would be back with their horrible diseases. The black death happened so long ago no one can recall it and whatís the fun in history if it canít repeat itself a few times. Even if the fireman werenít on strike another fire would not work, I believe the ĎRats against flamesí lobby would soon have us bowing our collective heads in shame.

Keeping warm might be the trickiest issue, with fires a no-no and bearskins being soooo caveman, all we could do is recycle and wrap ourselves up in old copies of the Guardian; or were they earmarked for toilet roll?

I really canít understand how I did not see all this before. I feel so fired up Iím going to start a new pro-active group myself with the first item on the agenda being, "letís change the word 'evolution'"; I thought 'regression' may make a nice alternative!
The only real problem I can foresee is PETA members would have nothing to do - but perhaps they could divert their attentions to cauliflowers, I hear theyíre having a bad time of it lately.

At least the bream will be happy.