Barnsfold Water near Chipping, in the shadow of Beacon Fell. Fishing well now the water has cooled down, several double figure bags taken mostly by anglers fishing slime line with several fish in the 5-8lb bracket. Buzzers still taking fish but most fish on small fry patterns; try a small rudd fry or polystickle. Safe car parking, toilets and casting lessons are available. Telephone Frank or Richard 01995-61583

Pendle View Fishery Lancashire

The returns for both coarse and carp fishing have been poor, but they have improved this month. The exception has been the trout lake where returns have remained very good.

CARP MATCHES The fishery is one of the venues for the Nash Day Ticket competition and details are available on site. The leaderboard is now headed by Carl Gore with a 32lbs common. A series of open carp matches is now scheduled for the next few months. The first of the series took place on Friday/Saturday 25/26th October. Four fish were caught with more being lost during the twenty four hours. The first three places were filled by Dave Jackson with 17lbs 1oz, Dave Johnson with 16lbs 5 oz (lost three) and Craig Cocker with 10lbs 8oz. A prize will be awarded for the winner of the series. Matches will now commence between 2pm and 6pm. Details of dates are available on this board, if in doubt please contact Tracey for further information. Silver fish are now being caught in the main bay area, which indicates that they are moving back towards deeper water. The last club match was fished in atrocious conditions and was won from peg 14 with a weight of 3lbs 14oz.

TROUT LAKE Returns from the trout lake are still very good, and the only real complaint regards the amount of weed in the lake. To help combat the weed, two grass carp have been introduced. These carp are both about 12lbs and will take a fly so anglers have been warned. Fritz, Montanna and buzzer still continue to produce results. It is intended to keep the fly lake open throughout the winter for this year.

PROJECTS A program to reduce the silt level and improve water quality is scheduled for 5th and 6th November. This involves adding a chalk like compound and will result in the water looking white in colour for a few days.We anticipate starting our building work soon to improve our general facilities for fishermen. We will attempt to keep disruption levels down to a minimum. PARKING Whilst every effort is being made to provide more safe parking around the site the main lake we do insist that anglers park their cars off the road to ensure others can safely pass. Cars must not be parked on the perimeter of the trout lake, or on the grass. WINTER OPENING HOURS The fishery has now reverted to winter opening hours. This will mean the gates are open at 7am and locked at 9pm. These opening hours will remain until Spring 2003. Catering Times will remain unchanged.

River Fishing

On the rivers expect some good sport with the extra water. Salmon anglers on the Ribble and Hodder enjoyed good sport during the last week of the season which ended on October 31st Most of the fish caught were very red and hopefully they were all returned safely. With salmon returns low. Its a pity the EA couldn’t have ended the season a month early to allow these coloured fish to move up the river without distress. I fact I want fish for these fish until the returns are better. Coarse fishers on the Ribble have been catching some good barbel and chub. Pellets, boilies and meat baits are the successful ones. Many of the swims from Balderstone downstream to the Motorway bridge are proving the best. It seems the top area on the river for barbel is the water opposite Red Scare Wood There is an unconfirmed report of a 12lb barbel being caught on this stretch. A rare catch from the Ribble was a bream of 6lbs was caught from the big pool upstream of Ribchester bridge by an angler worm fishing. The Lancashire Calder is well worth a visit chub and small barbel being caught by anglers fishing with gentles or casters, float fishing and swim feeder rigs both work. Much of this water is controlled by Prince Albert AS also Hyndburn and Blackburn AA . Rivers Wharfe Ure and Swale are fishing quite good but as always not every swim produces fish. My advice is try a few swims, unless your sitting on a swim that you know from previous experience will likely produce. In Lincolnshire the river Bain in the Horncastle area is a water that often fishes well in winter with good size bream and chub. I am told this area can often provide good roach fishing.

Anglers Mail

This weekly angling magazine now has a barbel fishing section, interest in this species grows week by week. In the November 2nd edition there are lots of big fish featured John Pawlowski of Stoke-on-Trent is pictured with a Kennet barbel of 14-8-0 on page 5 there are pictures of 3 7lb plus chub 2 from the Ribble and 1 from the Hampshire Avon. On the same page there is a picture of Jason Messenger with a 39-4-0 pike. If roach are your favourite fish take a look at pages 6 and 7 There are several pages where you can check on your favourite fresh and saltwater fishing venues. At only £1-00 its a good read.