Rutland Water Jim Moncur, Keith Malcolm, and Michael Soutar, from Perthshire, Scotland, spent five days at Rutland, mainly fishing from the bank and recorded forty fish, with rainbows up to 3lboz. Thursday was the best day for the trio with 21 fish, all taken on dry flies, whilst fishing off the Green bank with the comment that the fish "were only a few rod lengths out at times." Keith hooked a big brown weighing between 6 and 7lb in front of the fishing lodge only to have the misfortune of the fish snagging on the rocks in front of him. All three anglers took a dayís boat fishing at Grafham Water where they accounted for 12 fish.

Rutland Water regular Gary Chewter, from Spennymoor, County Durham, recorded the best fish of the week, a 5lb 6oz Rainbow. Boat anglers who have fished the rudder have fared the best, with lines like a wet cell two, this would suggest that the fish are still fairly high in the water. Best boat areas have been close to the bank around the weed beds, either drifting, or at anchor.

Christian Smith, who is employed by electronics giant Sharp, organised a corporate day for fourteen of his customers with the assistance of Anglian Water staff members Paul Friend, Phil Brown and Nigel Savage. The morning started with casting tuition for those who needed it, following lunch the group went on to catch an impressive thirty plus fish, with browns to 3lb 6oz.

Notice to anglers

Regular anglers will know that the trout in Rutland Water have not been growing as fast as usual and have been difficult to catch from the bank in the latter part of this season. We have been investigating possible causes for some time and have found a parasite on the gills which may be the cause. As a precaution all fish caught must be killed for the remainder of this season and we are asking anglers not to use cloth bass bags, but only disposable plastic bags or washable cooler boxes for their catch. More information will be mailed to our anglers in the next few days.

The fish are at last feeding on this seasonís fry, including roach to two inch and perch up to four inches. A number of big trout have been spotted, with browns in particular, up to double figures, seen chasing fry in the margins.

Bank fishing is improving all the time with many areas of the water producing fish. Three anglers took limits from the bank on Sunday. Best methods have been fry patterns, but during last week there were a good number of fish also falling to black buzzer and dry fly. A major clubs bank match was held at Rutland Water on Sunday 13 October. 42 Anglers enjoyed some good sport with Grafham 1 running away with victory with an impressive total of 34 fish for 62lb 10?oz. Best bag went to the winning teamís John Vincent, from Sandy, with 8 fish for 16lb 14oz.

Grafham Water has continued to fish well over the last week with the water quality clearing in most areas with the fish now feeding on the fry heavily as well as corixa in the margins of Gaynes Cove.

This Saturday saw the start of the annual pike fishing on the water with over 30 boats taken by the pike anglers, all hoping for that elusive 30lbplus pike, which are known to inhabit Grafham Water. All the boats headed for the North tower which is where the dayís best of the six pike were caught. Simon Case of Leicester took these fish, which weighed in at 25?lb, on a bull daug jerk bait.

best boat areas: Gaynes Cove, Plummers, Bowl of Dam, Willows,

front of lodge, and L and H buoys best bank areas: Gaynes cove, Plummers,

Stumps, Savages and Harbour Arms best methods

floating/intermediate lines with corixa, minkies, fry patterns, diawl bach

Pitsford Water Season ticket holder John Parker, from Northampton, caught four fish between 10am and 2pm bank fishing off Stone Barn on a floating line with a large silver invicta. Senior warden Nathan Claytonís advice is "fish in windward bank into deep water as daphnia is blown on to the shoreline." Evening fishing is the most productive. Jim Watts, from Ryhall, near Stamford, took his best bag at Pitsford from a boat with pal Peter Bills, from Papplewick, Nottingham. The pair are both gold season ticket holders. They rudder fished the narrows using a Di7 line and gold and silver tube. Jim said his best fish weighed 5lb 14oz and his second best 4lb 4oz. His total bag of 8 fish weighed 22lb 14oz. Peter also took 8 fish using the same method. Rod averages are improving and bucking the usual October trend. The generous stocking of 1850 fish this week has brought the seasonís stocking to 32,200, the most for many seasons. Fish are still out in the middle feeding on the masses of daphnia, green in colour. Boats are the best bet these will be available seven days a week until the end of November. Best methods for boat anglers are minkies or zonkers or large dark coloured lures such as Humungus or Pitsford pea. Tube flies fished Northampton style have proved very successful. best rainbow: 5lb 14oz taken by Jim Watts of Ryhall, Stamford boat fishing best boat areas: Causeway to Narrows, Brixworth Bay best bank areas: Stone Barn point, Bog Bay to Gorse Bank

Ravensthorpe On Saturday local season ticket holder Richard Haynes of East Haddon fished the Coton end shallows from a boat and took 18 stunning silver rainbows to 4lb. Dickís fish came to a thinly dressed black catís whisker fished at varying retrieve rates on a sinking line. Andrew Bayley and Richard Allsebrook made a worthwhile trip from Hereford boating 24 fish to 3lb 8oz. Both anglers fished white zonkers on intermediate lines to tempt their fish from a boat at the Coton end. Season ticket holder Tim Leach, from Waterbeach, Cambridge, caught a lovely blue trout from a boat last Friday. Pike have been showing this week and anglers are reminded to return all fish other than rainbow trout. With lower temperatures and clearing water Ravensthorpeís hungry trout have turned onto the fry with a vengeance. Patient anglers were rewarded this weekend with splendid sport. best boat areas: Coton end to island best bank areas: Domes or dam end, depending on wind