Fishmongers Hall London was the scene of a ground-breaking initiative bringing together angling organisations from Europe and the USA.

Representatives of the European Angling Alliance (EAA) met with Jim Donofrio, Executive Director of the US-based Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) and agreed on mutual support in achieving their common objective of sustainable fisheries management.

Jim Donofrio commented: “I’m pleased and excited that for the first time in history angling groups from both sides of the Atlantic have come together in a spirit of co-operation to communicate and discuss the future of sportfishing and the problems that we can address multilaterally”.

Harm Minekus, President of the EAA, replied: “The world is getting smaller as a result of globalisation and summit meetings in Kyoto and Johannesburg have underlined the need for the sustainable use of aquatic resources. I’m very pleased that we have agreed to progress this worthwhile new initiative to help protect the future of our sport”.

The European Anglers Alliance, formed in 1994, is a pan-European organisation located in Brussels. It has 18 countries with 6 million affiliated anglers in membership and represents the interests of 25 million anglers across Europe. It cooperates closely with the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association, and together supports a combined business of 25 billion euros.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance, formed in 1995, is a political lobby group located in Washington DC and New Jersey. It represents the interests of the 15 million salt water anglers in the US and supports a sportfishing business worth 60 billion dollars.