September has certainly been very dry, most rivers are down to bare bones especially in the north of England. As I have said many times, our rivers in the north of England need two good days of rain a week. I don't feel we can have too much rain, when the rivers are carrying a few feet of water it gets rid of insecticides, nitrates and other chemicals that might get into our rivers from the fields and roads. Let's hope October will be a wetter month than the past one.

Bradford No 1 AA Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th October at 7-30pm at the Dudley Hill & Tong Socialist Club, Stickers Lane, Bradford. A week later Bradford City AA Annual General Meeting takes place on Wednesday 16th October at 7-30pm at the Dudley Hill & Tong Socialist Club, Stickers Lane, Bradford. Members must show club book for entrance. A week later it's the turn of Prince Albert AS with their 48th Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday 17th October at the Heritage Centre, Roe Street, Macclesfield commencing at 8-0pm prompt, membership cards must be shown to gain entrance. Keighley AC hold their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19th November at the Applegarth Club Granby Lane Keighley at 7-30pm

Anglers Mail this week has pictures of two 16lb plus barbel from the Great Ouse. Another Great Ouse fish pictured is a super eel of 7lb plus. Tring Reservoir has produced a super perch of 4-7-0. On page eight there are a selection of pictures showing big barbel caught from around the country. For you carp fishers there are plenty of pictures and text about your favourite fish, including a picture of a magnificent 52lb fish. For you barbel enthusiasts, there is a three page feature on barbel baits and rigs. You can read about the story of a suspected 60lb pike, but don't get excited, the only picture is the head of a dead fish found in the Norfolk Broads on the river Bure. The pike record is still the big fish caught by Roy Lewis at Llandegfedd Reservoir weighing 46lb 13 ounces.

Writing about big pike. I have just returned from Northern Alberta where I spent five days fishing a fly-in lake, situated some sixty miles south of the North West Territories border. The fishing is organised by Misikew Sports Fishing of Fort McMurray. I stayed in a trappers cabin some sixteen foot by ten feet with a wood burning stove, a refrigerator and cooker - the latter two which run off propane. The boats were 16 foot with Mariner outboard motors. There were Moose, Bears, Wolves, Red Squirrels, Ravens, Gray Jays often camp robbers they are certainly friendly often taking bread from your hand, and of course the Bald Eagles which often flew overhead. Loons could be heard calling from the lake surface.

The fishing was some of the best that I have enjoyed in a lifetime of travel. I caught over 160 pike with several big twenties all on flies. Some fish were caught on the surface, other fish were caught in the deep water. I will be returning again in late May when the fish will be on the shallows. I was bringing a fish about 7lbs towards the boat, when a huge fish loomed up from the deeps. Just as it was going to engulf my fish, it either spotted me or the boat and turned away. That's not a fishy story, it was a very big fish. You can read my story of the trip shortly. You can hear the programme I recorded for my At The Waters Edge programme on Thursday 31st October at 1930 hrs and Saturday 2nd November at 0600 hrs.

Barnsfold Water has been fishing quite good, despite the high water temperature some good bags of fish are being caught. Black buzzers, Hare's Ear, Ginger Hopper, and Daddies have been the winning patterns. The best catch of the week was made by Alan Dryden of Skipton who caught eighteen fish to five pounds. Ric Nuttal had a nice 8lb fish, Bill Walsh had a nice five pound fish and Bill Simmons caught thirteen fish on buzzers. As from October first until the end of the month the only game fishing available on the rivers and streams are salmon. Brown and seatrout fishing ended on September 30th,

You game fishers don't have to stop fishing, several stillwaters stay open all the year for rainbow trout fishing. Another fish that will prove an excellent quarry for the fly fisher is the grayling. There are many rivers and streams countrywide holding this delightful fish where for the price of a day permit or club card you can have a good days fly fishing. Upstream nymphs and dry flies both will work. If you really want a hard fighting fish then go chase the pike. Canals, rivers, streams, lakes and gravel pits hold this hard fighting fish. Don't try using your normal river trouting outfit. Choose a nine foot rod for a nine or ten weight line and make sure you have a wire trace. If you want to give this branch of angling a try, you're more than welcome to have a day at the waters edge with myself. That's providing we can fit a day in when I am free. E-mail me,com

John Sheekey fished the Prince Albert AS water on the Wye at Huntsham Bridge catching 16 chub up to 4 1/2 lb float fishing in the faster water. Now that's what I call a good catch of chub. The next day John fished on the River Dee at Holt (N. Wales) - the stretch he fished is Dee Anglers Association Water which can be fished by members of several angling clubs ( Liverpool DAA being one) as well as individual members. John writes - A lot of the swims were littered with anglers detritus ( plastic bags, bottles, sweet corn cans) - why does angling attract such morons who can't be bothered to remove their rubbish after a days fishing! Fortunately Prince Albert AS members do seem better behaved and it is the exception to see littered banksides at their waters. Well done on your chub catch and yes, many of us are getting fed up with all the rubbish at the waterside. When I visited the Reading and District water at Benyons last winter I was disgusted at the state of the fishery. I visited a council run fishery on the river Lodden next day, I was most impressed with the cleanliness of the fishery. Even the local dog walkers cleared away the dog excrement.