As I write this on Wednesday morning 24th July the rivers Ribble Calder and Hodder are carrying extra water, in fact conditions couldn't be better for coarse and game anglers.

Fly fishers on the rivers Ribble and Hodder are catching some nice seatrout, most are being returned but I was saddened to see a five pound fish killed near Clitheroe. The angler had already killed two fish around the two pound mark. Letís only take one fish for the table and return the rest. If you want to try and catch a seatrout give Ivan Duxbury a call on 07973-268131 Our migratory fish need all the help we can give them.

On the river Ribble some good barbel and chub are being caught. Alan Roe of Blackpool had a ten pound barbel downstream near the M6 motorway bridge. Anglers fishing the Prince Albert AS water on the Ribble upstream of the M6 motorway bridge near Redscar are having problems with yobs and slobs - call them what you like. Itís a pity the parents haven't told them to respect other peoples interests. Itís not a venue I would advise members to fish during the school summer holidays.

On the river Wharfe Paul Wright had a super roach of 2lb 2ounces on float fished caster on a size 16 hook to 2lb line. Peter Williams of Bradford fished a club water in his home county of Yorkshire catching a personal best carp of 23lbs 10ounces on two Dynamite hair rigged pellets. On the river Ure near Ripon Terry Sutton of Bradford had one of his best fishing sessions in twenty two years of angling. Fishing swimfeeder rig size 12 hook to 4lb line and baiting with three or four gentles Terry caught 19 chub to 4lbs in a session estimated at about six hours. He used 2 pints of hemp and two pints of gentles.

The Anglers Mail this week features Tom Petch trying out some new after shave - I will stick to my Fahrenheit. Though I do envy the bevy of beauties young Tom has gathered around him I don't think its the aftershave, itís more likely to be Tom's good looks. More exciting are some of the big fish featured, including a seven pound chub 14lb 2ounce barbel 27lb fly-caught pike. Page 19 you will see some very big carp and if that doesn't get you excited nothing will. On page 48 James Davey is pictured with a big cod. Anglers Mail is full of big fish and various features covering tackle methods and baits