On the coast you should find plenty of mullet around the harbours and creeks try float fishing with bread using ground cooked rice and mashed bread as an attractor. On the rivers you should find all species of coarse fish. On the north of England and Wales seatrout rivers, anglers are enjoying excellent sport. Don't forget your seatrout & salmon licence. The warm weather is just right for targeting the pike with a fly. Anglers fishing the west coast of Cumbria are catching mackerel Why not target this fine sporting fish with a light spinning outfit or fly tackle but please release most of the fish you catch retaining just enough for the table. Back in the 1960's 70's & 80's anglers, along with the commercial fishermen, decimated the mackerel shoals so we must only harvest enough for a meal. Remember we are sportsfishers not FISHMONGERS.

I have just had my first days fishing on my local river since the season started. I had taken Stephen Ainsworth of Ramsbottom Lancashire to see if I could help him catch a good chub. He fished legered crust to a size 4 hook and 6lb line and caught a personal best chub of 5lbs which was recorded live for my programme At The Waters Edge. It was a very happy game angler on the banks of the river Aire at Keighley, a day ticket water costing just £2-00 a day.

I had three fish, all chub one about 4lbs and two fives 5-4-0 and 5-8-0. Both fish were taken on legered crust on a size 4 hook to 6lb line. Not only had I helped another angler to his PB but I had a brace of fives. Off to Sweden to MC the Lapland World Cup of fly fishing.

On the river Swale, Mike Osborne of Cumbria, fishing with legered crust, had a super summer chub of 6-1-0 Sorry no pics of this fish

Anglian Waters

Rutland Water is providing good sport with the main basin again producing the goods for both bank and boat fishermen. Limit bags have been taken off Normanton, Sykes Lane and with the aerators currently switched on, fish have also been taken off some of them. Nymphs, diawl bach, hares ear, black buzzer and damsel nymh fished on floating and intermediate lines have again accounted for the majority of fish caught. Dries working well are, cdcs and shipman style in claret, red and hares ear.

best rainbow 4lb taken by Don Ayre of Stockton on Tees best boat areas main basin (Normanton & Sykes Lane), sailing club, Barnsdale and yellowstone best bank areas main basin (as above) Whitwell, Armley wood, Old Hall point, fantasy island and yellowstone

Ravensthorpe Reservoi is "solid with fish" so say all our anglers this week. Boat anglers are reporting fish rising freely all over Ravensthorpe from first thing to around 3.00pm. However catching them is challenging. Fish are feeding on damsel nymphs and taking them from the surface where they are easy to spot. A floating damsel imitation and lots of patience will get you your sport but be prepared to cover lots of fish before you get takers. Spotting rising fish early and accurate casting is the key. Some fish are willing to take small dries 14 – 16s and GRHE emerger. Bank anglers should opt for the damsel nymphs again on a floating line. Big fish this week include a 10lb 8oz rainbow taken by Baz Street of Loughborough and Andy Willis of Yardley Hastings returned a 10lb rainbow.

Best rainbow 10lb 8oz - Baz Street of Loughborough on a GRHE from a boat near the island. 10lb - Andy Willis of Yardley on a lure from the airline best boat areas Coton End and Islands

best bank areas Platforms

Pitsford Water

fish week 369 (season 8694) returns 141 (3164) rod average 2.6 (2.8)

This week saw the brown trout fishery record broken by Rob Layton of Old who landed a splendid brown of 14lb 3oz. Rob was fishing from the bank in Pitsford Creek using a floating line with a diawl bach on the top dropper on 6lb fluro-carbon. The brown gave Rob a ‘run for his money’ of up to 60 yards (twice) and it took 20 minutes to get to the net. As it was then 10pm Rob agreed to return next day for a photograph. Rob said "it’s the best fish I’ve ever caught and I’ve fished all over the world". Anglian Water’s Senior Warden, Nathan Clayton said "I am very pleased to see such a magnificent fish in such good condition and we will be having it set up and displayed in the lodge".

Generally with large sedge hatches in late evening dry fly sport close in has never been better and sermans bank and gravel bank have been the hot spots. During the day fish are feeding on buzzers, bloodworm and damsels and are spread throughout the lake.

Best methods are small dry flies like 16 cdc, sedge patterns or small nymphs like hares ear or pheasant tail.

best rainbow 7lb 1oz taken by Richard Slater of Northampton

best brown fishery record Rob Layton of Old (see above)

best boat areas sailing club bay, Brixworth bay and gorse bank

best bank areas sermons bank and gravel bank

Grafham Water Scottish angler, G Holloway visiting from Forres, Inverness took the biggest brown of the season at 10lb 5oz boat fishing savages creek using a cormorant with a slow sink intermediate line. Local angler Norman Shippey of Cottenham caught a superb 8lb 3oz rainbow which is the second biggest rainbow of the season. Norman fished from rainbow point, using a red shipmans buzzer just below the surface on a floating line. Norman who was fishing catch & release also caught 9 other trout that day also giving him the best weight of the week 10 fish for 30lb 11oz.

John Sears from Little Gransden also took a lovely 7lb 1oz rainbow from rectory bay on a floating line with a black buzzer together with his other 6 fish it gave John a total weight of 22lb 13oz. Generally anglers have found sport challenging with fish rising in all areas of the reservoir. Fish are feeding on pin fry, small buzzers and sedges and anglers are finding a variety of flies and lines proving successful. However intermediate lines with red hoppers and CDCs on floaters, PTN and flash back nymphs have taken the majority of fish. best rainbow 8lb 3oz taken by Norman Shippey (see above) best brown taken by G Holloway (see above)

best boat areas G buoy, marlow bay, gaynes cove, savages cree and rainbow point best bank areas the seat, Hill Farm, stumps, G bank, marlow stones, dam and plummer park

Coarse fishing Taverham Mill Fishery

Taverham Lake is coming back onto form with the onset of fine weather. Best carp of the week went to Boyd Setchel of Aldreth, Cambs who landed a specimen of 20lb 12oz .Best Tench of the week went to season permit holder, Adam Motts of Norwich who landed a superb 6lb 8oz. Adam is now top of the Taverham Tenchmasters leaderboad. Relaxation of rules - the rules relating to particle baits and bait boats has been relaxed. Nuts and peas etc. can be used but only if they are pre-packed. Home cooked varieties are still banned. Bait boats may be used for positioning free baits but must not be used for placing hook- bait.

Ardleigh Reservoir Regular angler Mick Scutter thought he had done well to land a pike just over 20lb. however he was piped to best of the week by 12 year old Mathew Orchard who weighed in a pike of 20.5lb, both anglers were fishing from a boat. Generally there have been plenty of pike caught this week, mostly around 8 - 12lbs. Bream have now started to show themselves in good numbers, with excellent bags reported from Noahs Ark. Season ticket holders in particular have taken advantage of night-time feeding and Danny Baker and Clive Baldwin bagged 140lbs and 80lbs each in one session.