You can virtually guarantee seeing fish on the surface at some stage of the evening, plus the quality of some of those I have caught from these reservoirs has been superb.

If I have a ticket at this venue I rarely bother to go over there until eight o’clock. This means there are about two hours of decent fishing available. At present fishing finishes around ten pm: officially you must pack up one hour after sunset on the Bristol waters. That gives some excellent fishing if the breeze keeps up, for this really is the key to good sport during evenings at the Tanks.

My ideal situation is to fish either reservoir number two or three and walk around the perimeter until I find some trout feeding on the surface. It is a very unusual evening when they don’t come up! Whether calm or, what has been more the case recently, cold and windy right until night-time, the fish are on the surface from about eight o’clock. So it might be only a frantic last half hour of sport, but worth it nonetheless.

I had an evening like this only last night and it was very enjoyable. I opted to fish number two because there were a lot less people than on number three. I generally choose the emptiest bit of bank as I like to walk around and have plenty of space for myself. However, it really isn’t worth stopping in one spot unless you can see a lot of fish up.

By the time I had walked half way round the lake I saw fish working up the wind along my bank and I had plenty to cover. The fishing was pretty tough though: there was such a surfeit of insects on the surface that the trout were feeding most erratically and I found it difficult to predict where they would rise next! I still managed to catch five trout, three of which I returned.

The better fish are pretty canny on these waters and only occasionally come within casting distance. I saw several large ones (well the big tails of several trout) cruising tantalisingly out of casting range. But even the rainbows of a pound and three-quarters provide a great scrap and I was more than happy with my sport for the evening.

When at The Tanks it is easy to forget that you are only four miles from the city centre, and just two from our "International" airport. As I signed for my ticket last night I had a deer come to inspect the fishing hut - It was rather surprised to see me there! Sandpipers regularly pipe away as you disturb them on your walk round the edges, and you can always tell when the buzzers start to hatch by the activity of the coots.

I can recommend a trip to the Barrow Tanks most wholeheartedly. At £8.00 for an evening ticket I think it is excellent value for money.

Tight lines,

Martin Cottis