The weather was still fairly mild on the first trip so again we were hopeful of some action; soon livebaits and deadbaits were in various positions around the swim. Garyís live bait was taken first at around dawn but it only produced a small jack pike. The rest of the day did not improve much and by dusk the only other pike we had caught was an 11lb female that was very thin. We began to think that the pike had at last spawned and had moved off back in to the acres of wild called the Thames not to be seen again for a long while. The following day did not improve, just a 8lb male to one of my dead baits, indeed it looks like the moment had passed, the pike had gone and that was that for the season, the chance of another 30lb Thames pike had passed for us both for another year, it was time for carp before the season ended may be.

It is funny how the last few weeks of the season always produce a few good carp and they always seem to go on the feed at the same time no matter what lake. The big scaly mirror in the Colne Valley pit I used to fish has been caught in the last few days, albeit at a very reduced weight but it is lucky to be alive at all. I found it last winter all fungassed up and it was barely alive but obviously it has survived, letís hope it will recover fully and put on weight again.

Horton Church lake and perhaps Yately and Wraysbury will produce a big fish as well in the next week. However on my estate lakes all seems to be still asleep, not that many venture down there to find out. I like fishing at the end of the season as winter slowly comes into spring and this year I have a ticket to fish at the catfish water near Horton so I am really looking forward to that. I fished it a few years ago for a while and caught some big cats as well as a couple of small carp. Then most cats came to live baits but now they like boilies as well so I may be in with a better chance. Whatever it will be fun.

Its also the time for club AGMs which are always a laugh, I know most carp anglers shy away from such things thinking they are only for the match parts of the clubs but if our voices are not heard then we can not complain when seemingly anti-carp rules are made. So this year go to them and see what happens, its good for a few beers anyway.

Not much else happening this week Iím afraid but Iím sure Iíll have more to report next week with the hopefully warmer weather round the corner! Just to keep you interested here is a shot of a 16lb common I caught last November, let's hope for more soon.

Have Fun!