On my arrival in Tasmania I was warned by several anglers that I should have brought at least a seven-weight due to the incredibly strong winds that the state experiences. It took little time for me to realise why this warning had been sounded, but I found that the Trident was a good match for all of the foul weather that was levelled at me during my stay.

I am not a great believer in casting long distances from boats, and on the courses that I was running whilst I was out in Tasmania, I had to repeatedly tell anglers to fish shorter lines and try to land the flies more delicately! My Trident certainly gave me a huge advantage, as I was able to drop the flies as quietly as I wished in the path of any moving trout that I spotted.

What amazed me even more though was the sheer power that this rod has in reserve! One day on Little Pine Lagoon, whilst fishing with Stephen Foster and his friend Alf, we all saw a trout rise a couple of times well down from the boat. It was heading slowly away from us and we were barely drifting. Stephen asked me if I thought that I could cover the trout, which he judged to be out of our range. Two false casts and the flies were in "the zone!" After about ten seconds a snout just broke the surface and sipped in an insect only that insect was my fly! I hit that brownie (which proved to be our best fish that day at just under four pounds) and as it ran towards me I had to haul the line in double quick time to keep up with it. Stephen and Alf were in fits of laughter because they thought that I was "making the trout dance" across the surface. That one wild Tasmanian trout certainly put a bend in the Trident, but the rod was an equal match for the brownie.

The rod comes in a very smart cordura protective tube, and the model that I took with me was the four-section travel rod. It is finished in green and with tough American snake rings it has a very "natural" curve when bent into a fish. Top quality reel seat and cork handle add to the excellent appearance. I am planning a trip back to Tasmania next year and I am certainly hoping to be able to save up for one of these fine rods.

Retail price is seriously reduced at the moment due to spring sales. Also, the Orvis Company has brought out a successor to this rod in the T3 model.

If you are interested in trying or buying, get in touch with your local Orvis dealer or call the head office on 01264 349540.

Martin Cottis