Address: Trilakes Fishery, Sandhurst, Berks.

Phone: 01252 873191

Lakes: two mature lakes covering 13 acres. There is also a short stretch of the River Blackwater.

Day ticket: 7.50

Season: 1st April to 31st October open daily. Weekends only from 1st November to 14th March. Opening times 8am to 7.30Om or sunset if earlier.

Facilities: WC, cafe serving hot and cold food. A collection on animals and amusements on site.

Stock: mirror carp to 401b, ghost carp to 121b, crucians to 31b, tench to 81b, roach to 21b, pike to 261b, bream to 71b, perch and eels.

A days fishing |

My old friend Dave "the Rev." Bond was in the area and wanted a days fishing. Trilakes was nearby so Virginia and I joined the Rev at 8 am at the entrance.

Virginia and I fished swims close to the entrance, fishing either side out from a peninsula, whilst the Rev fished out to the side of an island. I set up with a powerful waggler rod with a fixed spool reel loaded with 3lb b.s. line to fish a crow-quill insert waggler towards some Lilly pads. The hook bait was a paste made from Richworth multiplex base mixed flavoured with corn-steep liqueur; the feed was conventional trout pellet that had been shaken with the same flavour and left overnight to absorb.

I fed in a couple of handfuls of the pellet and fished the paste on a size 10 hook over it. On my first cast I had a small but deliberate pull that I missed. This was repeated on the second cast but this time I struck to connect with a nice tench of about 4lb. Having the tench plough through the swim did not upset the fish as I immediately followed the tench with a bream of 5lb 8oz. Sport was hectic from mainly bream with a good sprinkling of tench and a good brown goldfish that was pushing three pounds. The fish just kept on feeding and I soon realised that this was going to be a bag-up session big time!

Virginia fished in much closer with similar tactics but had a much slower start. After an hour she had a nice tench of over 41b and then started to catch a few bream, before tench with a few nice roach took over.

Dave "the Rev" Bond had a much slower start as he fished his large halibut pellet with a frame feeder with a feed containing ground up floating pellets. Carp could be seen pushing the lilies near his bait. Then, near the end of the day, he had two runs resulting in an immaculate 141b common carp and a dropped fish.

At the end of the day, I finished with well over 100lb of bream, tench, roach and a brown goldfish whilst Virginia had over 401b of mainly tench. Certainly a useful fishery well worth fishing.