This rig allows you to do just that, yet at the same time is a highly capable rig, ideal for bottom feeding fish such as rays, plaice, cod and with a leader made from 80/100 pounds breaking strain monofilament or fluorocarbon, is highly effective when used to bump the bottom in the vicinity of a wreck for heavyweight fish such as ling, an occasional conger and the big old cod that like to inhabit the scour in front of a wreck.

I particularly like the KF Line Slida for this rig. The Slida is available in two sizes; the "Heavyweight" as shown in the picture and the "Lightweight", both of which are superbly made from a heavy duty plastic and have that simplicity of design and function which sets a great product head and shoulders above the rest. I buy mine from Veals Mail order(01275 892000) . The lightweight cost £3.75 for 10 and the heavyweight £4.45 for 10.

Simply slide the boom onto the main line followed by a soft plastic bead and knot off to a good quality swivel. The bead is probably not really needed because the boom itself is plastic, but old habits die hard.

Vary the leader length and breaking strain according to the main species which you hope to catch. For instance if I were bumping the bottom for Channel whiting and maybe a codling or two. I would use a four foot leader(1.3m) with a swivel about half way, if I had a lot of bait and was scratching for fish maybe even put a dropper off the swivel to present another bait.

This is a fun fishing rig with a tendency to catch serious fish…. enjoy!

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