...Yet because of its simplicity it is so often overlooked by the modern breed of anglers who seem to have fixation with complex rigs using all sorts of bent wire and plastic gizmo’s.

Having said that, it is essentially a shallow water rig which can be spectacularly successful in water up to fifty feet deep. Over that depth the leader is liable to tangle back around the main line unless it is allowed to descend very slowly or a boom is used to increase the leader/mainline separation as the rig sinks into the depths. Understanding this limitation is essential to the skilled use of this simple rig.

The leader length can be anything between just a few feet up to twenty five or even thirty feet depending on your personal inclination. Between ten and fifteen feet is a good workable length if using livebait such as sandeel, maybe six to eight feet if using worm or cut bait.

Breaking strain of the leader material can have a profound effect on the success of the rig and in recent times I have been using a hybrid of normal clear monofilament and fluorocarbon which has worked very well for me.

If I were making a ten foot leader - which is a good workable length because it is not that much longer than the rod I use - the leader would consist of seven feet of monofilament to a small, size 10 swivel(25lb breaking strain), from which a three foot hooklength of fluorocarbon connects to the hook. The breaking strains being appropriate to where I was fishing and the fish that might be there.

I often fish over the high rocks of the Hand Deeps, which are some 14 miles off my home port of Plymouth, where the water is sometimes only twenty or thirty feet deep over the high peaks. The way to fish this rig from an anchored boat is to let the bait swim downtide from the boat whilst you hold the sinker in your hand. When the bait is a hundred feet downtide, just let the sinker go and retrieve through the fish, which are often high in the water but downtide of the peaks.

This is an exciting way of fishing because often the sinker is snatched from your hand as a fish rises out of the depths to hit the bait.

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