If you have ever rummaged in the bottom of a tackle bag and come away with several old and rusted Mackerel feathers stuck in your fingers you will appreciate this simple method of keeping a set of feathers tidy, as well as ready for immediate use…. Another benefit is that you do not have to keep thinking about the status of your Tetanus shots!!

If you look at the picture you will see that I have made a line winder from some sheet ethafoam which is available from most fly tying stores because fly tyers use it for making the eyes for "booby" flies. Available up to an inch thick it can easily be cut and shaped with a craft knife, the hooks can be stuck into it from any angle and it will last for years. If you go to Spain or France on holiday, a visit to a local tackle shop will often find line winders just like this made from brightly coloured ethafoam which will only cost you a few euro’s.

After you have caught enough mackerel for the day, leave the feathers on the rod for a while to allow them to dry as much as possible, then wind them onto the ethafoam winder, complete with sinker and shove the lot into a heavy duty zip-loc bag.

It is surprising the difference that winding them onto a line winder will make, simply winding the feathers around your hand and putting them back into the plastic bag in which they came will result in a ten minute untangling session the next time you come to use them and frankly, I cannot handle such a pain in the butt hassle every time I want to use a set of feathers. Patience is not one of my virtues!!

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