At Warren Park you will have a lodge situated at the edge of the New Forest. All the lodges are about 25 yards from the lake where a hundred pound plus bags are not that uncommon.

Accommodation: is in one of four purpose built lakeside lodges with two bedrooms. In high season, lets run from Friday to Friday but later in the year mid week and week end lets are often available.

Lakes: two medium sized mature lakes that I estimated at about 2.5 acres each. The lake with the lodges is stocked with carp to about 20lb, tench, good roach, perch that in winter run to well over 21b and crucian carp. The similar sized lake to the rear is predominantly stocked with carp. There are several smaller sized ponds on site.

Fishing at Warren Park

I concentrated my efforts on the front lake fishing directly outside my lodge. I started off fishing with a 13ft waggler rod with a centre pin loaded with 2.51b b.s. line. My terminal tackle was a pole float holding three number 6 shot down the line with a size 12 hook baited with a paste made from Richworth multiplex mix with corn steep liqueur. The feed was a couple of pints of trout pellets that had been shaken in a plastic bag with corn steep liqueur and left for a few hours so that the flavour had been absorbed on the pellets.

I started off by baiting a swim about 13ft from the bank in about 4ft of water before casting my pole tackle on running gear into the swim. I did not have to wait long before I hooked into my first fish that turned out to be a mirror carp of about 7.5 lb. This was followed by another two similar sized carp before the crucians started to feed. As I expected, the crucians gave very shy bites that were hard to detect but as the session progressed I got used to them and was catching a crucian on most casts. I placed the crucians I caught in my carp landing net for 1.5 hours and was surprised to find that I had had over 30 of them. I photographed these and returned them. I continued to fish on, catching crucians with the odd roach to 1lb 6oz for the next 4 hours. The best crucian was weighed at 21b 6oz and my bag was estimated at over 1501b.

The following day I fished on using the same tactics to make a similar catch. However I did manage a nice double figured mirror carp in with the bag.

The next day I decided to fish with the same tackle but set the float shallow. I fed heavily with pellets and started to catch nice roach, many of them were pushing the pound with the best at 1lb 4oz. I also had crucians and ordinary carp in the catch.

The last day I fished with floating crust and caught mainly large single-figured carp. It was very pleasing but very tiring as I spent most of my time playing fish! Unfortunately few of the fish were double figured but there were clearly bigger fish present.

There is no doubt that Warren Park is a top class fishing venue and a real bag-up water. The accommodation was also good, making it the ideal place for fishing holiday. You can even have your breakfast in the swim by your lodge!