But at least once for the season, it is a good idea to use that time constructively, especially if you have a few equally disappointed friends to help you.

Making sinkers is not the most entertaining way of spending the day, but it can save you an awful lot of money and at least you are doing something connected with your fishing.

Once you get the moulds organised, the gas bottle and burner working properly and all the old lead scraped free from paint and grunge and cut up into small pieces that cannot hold trapped water, you will be ready to start the production line.

The usual method is to hold the two halves of the mould together with a welders spring or Gee clamp.

Over the years that I have made my own sinkers I came to the conclusion that the expensive American molds that come with a hinge and handles fitted are by far the best and can triple the number of sinkers made in a day.

So I set to and fixed a brass cabinet hinge to one end of my molds and a set of handles to the other end. Not as heavy duty as the American moulds but it does the job very well. As well as increasing the number of sinkers in a session the handles also keeps you hands well away from the hot moulds and molten lead, adding a safety aspect to the fitting of the handles as well.

Believe me it is well worth the effort.

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