Frozen sandeel will wake some memories with these hungry fish, sprats and joey mackerel will assume a seasonal importance but squid, worm and crab will make up the bulk of the baits offered. An important bait often overlooked at this time of year is Prawn. A floatfished prawn is a good bait at most times of the year but particularly at this time of year, when the first chill winds of the Autumn turn thoughts to digging out your thermal suit.

This is the time of year when the beach anglers will be unlimbering their beachcasting rods is eager anticipation of codling and whiting, but on the Atlantic facing coasts, such anglers will be missing some superb rock fishing. Pollack for instance. Usually during the warmer months a two or three pound fish caught from the shore will be quite a reasonable fish, but for the next few weeks into December a five to six pound fish is entirely possible, with an occasional double figure fish not beyond the bounds of possibility - and often caught surprisingly close to the shore.

Bass will also haunt the white water shoals and undertows looking for anything to eat and the right bait in the right place will often catch a specimen fish.
At this time of year there is an enthusiasm amongst those who know these rock marks which can lead to undue risks being taken. The storms at this time of year, sometimes far out in the Atlantic will send an occasional rogue wave rolling in to sweep an unwary angler from the rocks. A rule of thumb by those who know is to get three or four times the distance above the sea as perhaps you would normally allow.

As one wise angler said to me more than a few years ago "Get above the spray and even then keep a watchful eye!"

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