During the Summer months the wee small hours can take on a chill which belies the daytime temperatures and the perishing Winter months…. well… we won’t talk much about them.

Home comforts can turn an otherwise quiet night into a memorable experience. Bacon Butties at two in the morning spring to mind or a simple Pot Noodle as the cold just before dawn permeates your bones, makes the effort of carrying a small Gaz or Coleman stove well worth the effort, especially if there are two or three of you to share the load.

If you took no more than the stove, cups, water and the makings for tea or coffee, it is a fact that a fresh cuppa is so much better than one that has been stewed in a Thermos flask. Often forgotten by many anglers, all that a Pot Noodle requires is an infusion of boiling water to make a tasty, much appreciated snack and the dry noodles weigh next to nothing in your rucksack. So, provided you are not stripped to the minimum for a long walk, take some home comforts fishing with you.

Site the stove where it is sheltered from the wind and its flames are not likely to set fire to surrounding grass. If you are fishing from a bivvy avoid lighting the stove inside the bivvy, just in case there is any sort of "unplanned event".