I know from many years of fishing with these wooden or plastic imitations what a thrilling method of catching predatory fish this can be, but this upsurge of interest in plug fishing has taken me and many others by surprise.

It is something very special when in the days first warm rays of sunshine you see the body of your plug wriggling its sinuous way back to your rod tip, your heart gives a lurch to the left when in your peripheral vision you suspect, then maybe see the grey shape of a Bass tracking the plug.
In an instant your eyes take in the white of its open mouth, the gill plates flared wide and sense the pent up energy waiting to pounce on the lure that it is not quite sure about. A millisecond later the fish spots your shape and movement and with a flick of its powerful tail is gone, melting instantly into the shadow danced cover of weed and rock that is its natural hunting ground.

This is plug fishing is more than a fascination, it can easily become an obsession. So how do you start?

First a spinning rod and a fixed spool reel loaded with 10lb monofilament. Second, buy your plugs. Probably the best plug to start with is the Rapala J13 which has likely caught more bass and pollack than all the other wonderfully realistic plugs added together in UK waters. Buy one with a black back and pearl body and another with a blue back and pearl body. Those two should catch your first fish and start you on the road to being a plug nut!

But a word of warning. Do not expect to walk onto a pier, beach or rock, turf the plug out and start catching fish because life ain’t that simple. Plugging is anti-social, first light and last light are the best times. Think about where the fish are to be found and that is where you must fish and persist…Oh boy, I think I might have started something !!

Any questions to russ@reelfoto.com