They search the back eddies and rip tides for sandeel's, gobies, baby pollack as well as tasty morsels such as prawns, soft crab and worm.

It is wonderful to be on a beach or rock mark in a pair of shorts and a light shirt on a balmy summers night, but nice as these conditions are they bring with them a problem which does not exist when it is cold. How do you keep your bait from turning into a smelly mush in the warm conditions??

The answer to this question is easier today than it was just a few short years ago. Once upon a time if you wanted to keep a few packets of mackerel strip or sandeels, they had to be salted down and kept dry…. Even then, truth be known, they were not very good. Today virtually every household has a deep freeze where packets of sandeel, mackerel strip, crab and razorfish can be kept from the end of one season till the beginning of the next. Domestic arrangements allowing!!

Once the packets of bait are out of the freezer is when your problems start, because travelling by car for an hour and maybe a half hours walk to the mark will see deep frozen packets of bait well defrosted.

The answer is to use a small bag such as the freezer pouch made for the job by Ammo baits or the small Thermos cool bags available from stores such as Asda.

At the same time as you buy the bag also purchase a couple of small blue freezer blocks which freeze solid in your deep freeze and take a surprisingly long time to de-freeze. Pop one or two into the cool bag along with your frozen baits, seal the bag and keep it in the coolest part of your car and your baits should arrive at the waters edge in prime condition.