Those precious moments of solitude are becoming increasingly rare, even if you are an insomniac.

But it is no secret amongst those who know that there is a way that you can find solitude and what is more to the point, because there is not so much human activity, there is frequently some good fishing to be found…. the secret is to invest in a rucksack and a good pair of hiking boots, then be prepared to walk.

Walking cliff paths to find secluded coves or rarely visited fingers of rock sometimes seems to be a forgotten activity. Many of today’s anglers are inclined to be lemming like, clustering together in places which are just a few moments stroll from the car park, eager to show their casting prowess and their new £300 rod to their often less fortunate neighbour.

Team up with a friend, split the cost of the bait and take a hike. My friend that I often fish with will be thirty yards away and we may speak to one another every couple of hours during a days fishing. We respect one another’s space and need for thinking time.

If we catch some fish that is a bonus.