Pages of dire warnings about all the nasty things that can happen if you do not take the advised precautions or use the advertised lotions and potions.

I am of a generation which did not have the advantage of all these hi-tech sun creams or the knowledge that inspired them. I know of people who suffered the lumps and bumps of skin cancers and the inevitable dire consequences.

I have to say that I believe that a healthy tan is inevitable if you lead an outdoor lifestyle, I cannot believe that a pasty white existence is either desirable or conducive to a life away from a TV or computer screen.

So what can we do to ensure that our time at sea - over a lifetime -does not leave us with the undesirable legacy of a skin cancer.

The first thing is to be aware. Read all the information that is pumped at us and act on it. If like me, shorts and a shirt(optional) are the preferred rig of the day when fishing, then use a good sun barrier cream. At the beginning of the season use at least a factor 20 until you are sufficiently browned off, from then on a factor 10 will keep you from cooking your skin for the rest of the season.

Whatever you do, don't try the quick route and come ashore cooked to a painful shade of pink. It will usually peel and you have to start again.

Something else to remember is that you get a lot of sunlight reflected from the sea, so for a given time you could get twice as much sun than you would get gently toasting yourself on a beach.

Wash your hands before handling lures or bait. I am sure suntan creams taint the bait.

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