Just recently the footpath to my favourite shore marks were re-opened after Foot and Mouth restrictions had closed them due to the farmer grazing his sheep over and along the cliff path.

I have got to say these closures have made me growl just a bit.

I was still in a growling frame of mind, when I got down to the rocks. Everything should have been pristine and natural after such a long break……wrong!

The paths had been open for two or three days before I had made the time to take my rods and walk the mile or so along the path and down the cliff. I had been beaten to it by the lazy brain-dead pillocks who have to have their beer and crisps wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

My wife accuses me of becoming a fussy old fart but just look at the picture and see what these prats had shoved under a rock…they had expended the energy to carry the full cans to the shore line but were too tired to carry the empties home or even back to the car park where there is a trash can.

Perhaps it was the fact that three hours later I was still without a bite and still festering about the litter, that I stuffed my fish bag with as much of the rubbish as it would carry and stumped back up the cliff grumbling and growling to myself.

It should not be our place to do it, but if everyone carried an extra supermarket carrier bag as a rubbish sack and filled it with our own rubbish, plus washed up plastic, empty beer cans, gash line etc, it really would make a difference to our environment.

I doubt that it would shame the brain-dead, but you never know!

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